ECO-LIB is the product of A2SO4′s library greening initiative in which every item in our physical product library is evaluated and scored based upon sustainability criteria. Each product is evaluated for recycled content, local harvest and manufacture, maintenance, durability, and the manufacturer’s eco-footprint as well as other important areas that are also examined in the process of LEED certification. The proprietary database is user-friendly and searchable; making it easier for the design staff to find specific products that are sustainable and can contribute to LEED points.

ECO-LIB is the result of a 3-year project that will be continually updated. There are over 1800 entries to date with products from CSI divisions 03 to 14. The maximum achievable ECO-LIB score is 26 points. While the highest score for any product in the database is at 20, our goal is not to eliminate or exclude products because of their lack of sustainable features, but rather to identify and highlight the sustainable features of all products in our library. Whether or not a project is pursuing LEED certification, ECO-LIB enables our architects and designers to make the most sustainable product choices for every project.