As a firm, A2SO4 actively encourages and supports its staff in philanthropy endeavors. They are charged to actively give back and give their best extending a humanitarian touch in all that they do. This is accomplished on multiple levels including serving in the community, pursuing socially conscious projects, providing services that encourage and implement sustainability and approaching each project as an opportunity to positively impact lives and communities.  From people to buildings an unspoken policy of social stewardship is practiced within the firm culture.

The following is a sampling of the organizations and boards that the individuals of A2SO4 are involved in: AIA indiana and AIA Indianapolis, NOMA (National Organization of Minority Architects), Big Brothers of Central Indiana, Several Area High School Mentor Programs, United Way of Central Indiana, Canstruction Program Benefiting Hunger Relief Charities, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, KPADC Board Member (King Park Area Development Corporation), USGBC (US Green Building Council), Boy Scouts of America, Red Tail Conservancy, Juvenile Diabetes Association, and the Indianapolis Zoological Society to name a few.

CANstruction 2008

Community Events


CANstruction – Mr. Incredible - “The Incredibles – Fighting the Forces of Evil and Hunger Everywhere” (award winning)

Mr. Incredible and the entire Incredible family have used their superhero powers to defeat villains like Syndrome, Mirage and Bomb Voyage. Now they are turning their attentions to fighting the forces of hunger in America and around the globe. This display alone will contribute 4,944 cans of food to help feed the hungry of Central Indiana. It doesn’t take superhero talents to be a real hero; you can help the Incredibles in this battle by donating to worthy causes like Gleaners Food Bank.


CANstruction - Hot-air Balloon - “Up Up and Away with Hunger” (award winning)

Every year the official start of the Indiana State Fair is marked by releasing the hot-air balloons.  We wanted to honor this tradition by replicating a balloon with cans.  The structure is made up of 1,900 Red Gold (yellow) cans and 500 RedPack (red) cans for a staggering 8’-0” 1,400 pound balloon held aloft by 6 supports.  Tomato-based products, generously donated by Red Gold, create a spiraling stripped pattern which creates a sense of movement.  If we can lift up 1,400 pounds of cans, imagine what you can do to lift hunger Up Up and Away.


CANstruction - Smart Car - “Smart cans”

Two thousand and eight is the introductory year for the smart car in the United States. The slogan for the smart car is “open your mind”. We hope that you will also “open your heart” for the people of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas by supporting the great efforts of Gleaners Food bank. So as you are tooling around town in your smart car and saving lots of money on gasoline, you can use that extra cash to help the less fortunate, with food for the needy.