Veolia Environmental North America Headquarters



To accommodate the newly consolidated North American Headquarters of Veolia Environmental, A2SO4 was asked to do a complete interior renovation of the 14th floor (East and South Towers) of the 30 year old National City Center in Downtown Indianapolis. With the challenge of moving both the entire Veolia North America Houston Office and the Veolia Environmental Indianapolis office into one new location came a very aggressive schedule requiring completion of this project from programming to finished project in 5 months. This project also required a new pedestrian bridge be designed and constructed connecting the East and South towers together- a necessity for a seamless office flow. Unique to this interior design is a saw tooth wall layout plan along all exterior window wall offices providing an attractive juxtaposition with the randomly angled open office cubicles. Polycarbonate full height walls allow light to flood in from the exterior wall glazing, highlighting the various transition nodes throughout the facility.

CLIENT /Veolia Environmental     LOCATION / Indianapolis, IN      COST / $1,500,000 (construction)  $750,000 (furniture)     SIZE / 37,000 sf      COMPLETE / 2008